How is a person’s story truly defined?  Where does it begin and where does it end?  Does it ever have to end? 

In the case of Emily Javadi, the answer to that last question is a resounding “NO” to the family and friends who knew her best.  Though tragically taken from the world in February of 2015 by a drunk driver, Emily’s story—her spirit, her love, and her light—is not defined by the way her physical life ended so suddenly.  Instead, her story is defined by the people whose lives have been forever touched by having known her.  And it continues through the Emily Javadi Foundation.


Emily was a vibrant, creative, modern and ultimately lovely woman whose seemingly unquenchable desire to create art, interact with people, and push herself physically made her the kind of person whose magnetism was irresistible and whose passion was utterly infectious. 


There’s no more misleading cliché than when people refer to someone and say “they never had a bad day”.  Emily had bad days like all of us.  But unlike so much of the world, Emily never let a bad day keep her from engaging her cherished family and friends and her beloved city of Dallas.  And Emily did so with enthusiasm, positivity, and an unwavering desire to make the world around her a more beautiful and engaging place. 



The Emily Javadi Foundation was formed to brighten the community she loved so much and to support others in their pursuit of better health, physical fitness, entreprenuerial endeavors, and artistic potential.


Let's continue our relationship with Emily and make the world brighter by improving the lives of others.



Emily Javadi Foundation

The Emily Javadi Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and gratefully accepts contributions which are tax-deductible.

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